Monday, February 18, 2013

New Arrival - TRIBAL SHAWL - Batch 01

The Hottest TRIBAL SHAWL!!!
Intro Price 
RM45 Only!!!
(free postage)
Material: High Quality Chiffon

Code: TS01-Oren

Code: TS01- Blue

Code: TS01- BlueRed

Code: TS01-Green

Code: TS01- GreenBox

Code: TS01-Lavender

Code: TS01-PurpleBox

Code: TS01-RedBox

Code: TS01-YellowBox

Code: TS01-OrenBox

The Hottest PolkaDot Shawl
Intro Price
RM35 Only!!!
(free postage)

Code: PS01-Black

Code: PS01-Blue

Code: PS01-Pink

Code: PS01- white

Code: PS01-Green

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